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Voice & Sight Trails

Trails on the city of Boulder open space are set in four regions; North (N), South (S), East (E) and West (W). Each region has a Trail Study Area or TSA. Click to link to the PDF of trail study areas. The following trails are popular Voice + Sight trails on Boulder Open Space. We chose a few trails in each TSA that are frequented by dog walkers. This list will be updated periodically based on feedback from our members. See comprehensive City of Boulder trail information here.

The Trailhead Leash Program requires dog guardians to leash their dogs upon exiting their vehicle at all OSMP trailheads, and in the area of the trailheads. See the trailhead leashing policy.

Click on the appropriate link below to view informative descriptions of the dog friendly trails in your area.

Dry CreekE
Teller Farm SouthE
Boulder Valley Ranch - Eagle, Sage, Hidden ValleyN
Boulder Valley Ranch Area - Hidden Valley, Cobalt, DeggeN
Doudy Draw Area - Coal Seam, CoaltonS
Dry CreekE
Eagle Trailhead – Boulder Valley RanchN
Enchanted MesaW
Flagstaff SummitW
Flatirons VistaW
Gregory CanyonW
Marshall MesaS
South Mesa TrailheadS
Teller Farm SouthS
Marshall MesaS
Chautauqua Meadow Trails (Bluebell-Baird - Baseline-Ski Jump)W
Homestead - S Mesa TrailheadW
Sanitas Area (Dakota Ridge, Sanitas, Sanitas Valley, Mt. Sanitas)W
Shanahan Ridge AreaW

FIDOS encourages all dog guardians to adhere to the Voice and Sight regulations when out on V & S trails. Poor compliance to Voice and Sight regulations can lead to trail closures and further restrictions on dog access in open space.

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