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Who are we?

Friends Interested in Dogs and Open Space– FIDOS– is a non-profit Boulder Colorado based organization created in 1994 for and by dog-owners who were concerned about maintaining access to Boulder’s Open Space and Mountain Parks. FIDOS works collaboratively with our city’s land managers to ensure dog-walking access for future generations through responsible dog guardianship and protection of our natural areas.

FIDOS Philosophy

FIDOS is committed to protecting our natural environment while preserving off- and on-leash access for dogs and their guardians to enjoy Boulder’s Open Space and Mountain Parks.

FIDOS supports future acquisitions of open space land for the benefit of humans, their canine companions and for natural resource protection. We strongly support environmental stewardship of these lands.

FIDOS supports the implementation of Voice and Sight opportunities for dogs and their guardians in Boulder Open Space and as public lands are acquired.

We advocate for responsible dog guardianship and actively promote canine good citizenship. FIDOS believes that responsible humans and their dogs can coexist harmoniously with other users with minimal impact to the natural environment.

FIDOS believes that getting outside and experiencing nature through exercise with our pets makes for healthier and more well balanced humans and their dogs.


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