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Boulder County Trails

Open Space AreaDog AccessTrailMileage
Bald MountainON-LEASHPines to Peak Loop1.5 miles
Betasso PreserveON-LEASHBummers Rock Trail 
  Canyon Loop Trail3.0 miles
  Benjamin Loop Trail3.1 miles
  Benjamin Loop Connector Trail0.75 miles
  Four Mile Connector Trail0.84 miles
Caribou RanchNO DOGBluebird Loop1.8 miles
  DeLonde Trail1.2 miles
Carolyn Holmberg Preserve at Rock Creek FarmON-LEASHCradleboard Trails1.3 miles
  Mary Miller Trail1.5 miles
  Access to Broomfield Open Space trails 
Coal Creek/Rock Creek TrailsON-LEASHCoal Creek TrailExtends through many communities
  Rock Creek TrailExtends through many communities
Coalton TrailheadON-LEASHCoalton Trail2.5 miles
  M... Trail2.5 miles
  M... S... Trail2.7 miles
Hall RanchNO DOGBitterbrush Trail3.7 miles
  Nighthawk Trail4.7 miles
  Buttonrock Trail2.0 miles
  Nelson Loop2.2 miles
  Antelope Trail1.0 miles
Heil Valley RanchNO DOGPicture Rock Trail5.5 miles
  Wild Turkey Trail2.9 miles
  Wapiti Trail2.5 miles
  Ponderosa Loop2.6 miles
  Lichen Loop1.3 miles
Lagerman ReservoirON-LEASHLagerman Reservoir Trail
Legion ParkON-LEASHLegion Park Trail0.9 miles
Mud LakeON-LEASHKinnikinnick Loop1.1 miles
  Tungsten Loop0.8 miles
  Caribou Ranch Link Trail0.5 miles
Niwot Loop TrailON-LEASHNiwot Loop Trailadjoins Niwot area trails
  Access to Niwot area trails 
Pella CrossingON-LEASHBraly Trailsencircle ponds & a lake
  Marlatt Trailsencircle ponds
Rabbit MountainON-LEASHEagle Wind Trail2.6 mile loop
  Indian Mesa Trail1.6 miles
  Little Thompson Trail1.0 miles
Reynolds RanchOFF-LEASH
Twin LakesON-LEASHEastern Lake, OFF-LEASH Western LakeTwin Lakes Regional Trail
Walden Ponds Wildlife HabitatON-LEASH Trails around ponds and wetlands
Walker RanchON-LEASHWalker Ranch Loop7.5 miles
  Meyers Homestead Trail2.6 miles
  Walker Ranch Link1.1 miles
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