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Leashed Trails

TrailLength in Miles
Bear Canyon2.02
Bear Peak West Ridge1.8
Sawhill Farms1.71
Green Bear0.9
Green Mountain West Ridge1.36
Fern Canyon1.43
Teller Farm North 
Buckingham Park 
Boulder Falls 
Four Mile 
Foothills North1.12
Hogback Ridge 1.8
Springbrook North2.2
Eldorado Canyon2.4

NCAR – All trails on NCAR property are leashed trails, per federal regulations. All dog management changes on NCAR are subject to NCAR's discretion for making changes involving public access on their property.

NIST - All trails on NIST property are leashed trails, per federal regulations. The trail across NIST connecting Four Pines to Kusch Road is leashed. The trail connecting the Four Pines area to the Kohler Mesa Trail is also leashed.

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