Things you can do

The most important thing is to stay informed and know whats going on. Make sure you are on the FIDOS mailing list and watch out for restrictions formal and informal, on your favourite trails.

Keep us informed on whats going on

Many people are walking the dogs in the Open Space literally everyday of the year and I doubt many people will know the trails and visitors to those trails better than the V&S community.

We are interested in whats really going on on the trails so that we can establish a real picture of dogs under V&S control in the Open Space.

Examples of the sort of thing we are looking for are:


  • New trail closing or restrictions. We know that some people are unofficially putting up “dogs must be leashed” signs. We can take closures up with OSMP and keep you informed .
  • Trail condition and damage.
  • Incidents on the trail involving dogs, good or bad.
  • Excessive littering or poop problems
  • Anything else of note.

If you come across something in the Open Space which we should be aware of, send us an email at this link Link to report Open Space incidents. We dont have any official status and cant do anything once the incident is over, but we do need to understand whats going on so we can talk from an informed position, rather than continually chasing details.