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FIDOS was formed in 1994, in the pre-internet days.  The first newsletters were on paper.  If you have one of these and would let us scan it to a soft copy we could include on these pages let us know.  The earliest soft copy we have come across was from 1998.

Its interesting reading these old copies as the problems we encountner today are exactly the same ones are were discussed over 15 years ago.  If FIDOS members had given in in the 1990s there would be no V&S on the Open Space.

FIDOS Board 2002-2003

Back Row – Left to right    Robin Lowry, Dan Sukle, Chris Morrison, Ed Mills

Front Row – Left to Right  Jill Jones, Sheri Hoffer, Barbara Kipp and Big Otto.


FIDOS Board 2013

Back Row – Left to right    Sue DeRose, Dan Sukle, Aldona Siczek

Front Row – Left to Right  Tony Gannaway, Eileen Monyok, Jim Illg

Missing      – Lori Fuller.


 FIDOS Newsletters

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——————–21st Century——————–












June 2012 – Friends Interested in Dogs and Open Space

Aug 2012 – Speak Out- Green Tag Comments; Help Dogs displaced by the wildfires August 2012 Editorial – the Future of Dogs on Open Space

FIDOS August 2012 Newsletter – Cragmoor, GreenTag, Metrics

FIDOS September 2012 Newsletter – May 2012 – Friends Interested in Dogs and Open Space

Sept 2012 – Important Green Tag Program Update and OSBT Meeting

FIDOS November 2012 Newsletter Green Tag Program, Trails Reports, and County

FIDOS November 2012 Newsletter – GT Program, Trail Group, and County

FIDOS December 2012 Newsletter – GT Program, Trail Group, and County


FIDOS January 2013 Newsletter Green Tag Program, Town and County Trails, TV and Jon Stewart

FIDOS December 2013 Newsletter – Quiet Month – Merry Christmas Everyone!

FIDOS November 2013 Newsletter – A quiet month, Rights of Nature, GT and Trail Status

FIDOS October 2013 Newsletter Urgent Update to FIDOS Newsletter

Oct 2013 Council Agenda Changed

FIDOS Aug_September 2013 Newsletter – Flood – GreenTag – Elections

FIDOS March 2013 Newsletter

FIDOS April 2013 Newsletter – Proposed Green Tag Changes

FIDOS Newsletter May 2013 – Changes to Green Tag Program

FIDOS June 2013 Newsletter

FIDOS July 2013 Newsletter – Petitions, Walker, Green Tag and Goats FIDOS February 2013 Newsletter


FIDOS Jan 2014 Newsletter – Coot and the Rez – Volunteerism

FIDOS Feb 2014 Newsletter An Appeal from the Board of FIDOS

FIDOS March 2014 Newsletter

Green Tag Council Meeting – Info on Timing, Speaking, TV and Twitter

Green Tag Council Meeting – What Happened and Whats Next__

FIDOS May 2014 Newsletter – Green Tag Dates, PUP, and Dog Party

FIDOS June 2014 Newsletter

FIDOS July 2014 Newsletter

FIDOS August 2014 Newsletter – The plague on Boulder OS, GT Classes, Chautauqua

FIDOS September 2014 Newsletter

FIDOS October 2014 Newsletter

FIDOS November 2014 Newsletter

FIDOS December 2014 Newsletter


FIDOS January 2015 Newsletter

FIDOS February 2015 Newsletter

(no March 2015 Newsletter, nothing going on)

FIDOS April 2015 Newsletter

FIDOS May 2015 Newsletter – NTSA Status and registering your concerns

FIDOS Sept 2015 Newsletter – NTSA Status – Elections

July 2015 – Inspire Boulder comment deadline for NorthTSA

FIDOS August 2015 Newsletter – Blue Tag in Numbers Attempted Trail Closures….

FIDOS Sept 2015 Newsletter – NTSA Status – Elections

FIDOS Oct 2015 Newsletter – Election Candidates and VS – Next NTSA Meeting

FIDOS December 2015 Newsletter – 2015 review NTSA preview of 2016 Wonderland


FIDOS January 2016 Newsletter – Mainly the North TSA

FIDOS FebMarch 2016 Newsletter – NTSA another dog study trail closures.

FIDOS AprilMay 2016 Newsletter – NTSA Trail Work Upcoming issues.

FIDOS Summer 2016 Newsletter – Quiet months – Doggie Film Festival Foxtails

FIDOS September 2016 Newsletter – CU South Dog Dayz

FIDOS December 2016 Newsletter-Appeal – 201617 VS Review Preview – CU South…