This is a page of reports of the impact of dogs on wildlife.

There is a tenancy for authors to state “dogs disturb wildlife”, though the evidence is very flimsy, relying on reports of stray or feral dogs rather than those under Voice and Sight (V&S) control.   Similarly, there is a tendency for unscientific people to adopt reports hat favor their beliefs and overlook reports that they disagree with.

Remember, the tobacco industry spent billions (guestimate) over the years to prove that smoking was harmless to health and employed scientific staff to carry out research to support their belief.

The goal here is not to try and prove dogs have no impact on nature, absolutely everything that we do in the Open Space has an impact.  Rather we are trying to eliminate the chatter and identify bias so that authors will take the time to double check their facts before publishing.

Eventually you may find some of these links are dead or have moved. We have soft copies of these documents and will provide them if you are interested and they are no longer accessible.

If you disagree with the comments, there is a moderated blog available on the bottom of the page for any discussion, and we will be happy to post links to relevant papers to discuss.