FIDOS is a non-profit Boulder Colorado based organization created in 1994 for and by dog-owners who were concerned about maintaining access to Boulder’s Open Space and Mountain Parks.

 FIDOS works collaboratively with our city’s land managers to ensure dog-walking access for future generations through responsible dog guardianship and protection of our natural areas.

Voice and Sight Classes

by the Open Space and Mountain Parks Department (OSMP)

OSMP’s 2015 Voice and Sight Program requires that the participants attend a class. 

 The instructions on signing up for these classes are below:

1.  Get an account with the Parks and Rec Department at this link.  Its free and immediate

Once you have your account

2.  Sign up for a training class at this link (select Dogs from the left column)

And then, of course, turn up at the class!

Let us know your thoughts by mailing “info@fidos.org”